LIS Associations Elections – Demand by Members!

December 11, 2018

Hi to All those who are reading my blog – request you to click links highlighted in blue provided as proof of substantiation – sources of what is discussed.

Came across a Google Form “ILA Election is Transparent? created by Vinod Kumar Mishra on 10 Dec 2018. You can connect with creator of this form incase there are any queries, clarifications, feedback, suggestions to add more questions etc. 

My opinion:

  • I would not like my personal mobile or email to be displayed on the internet beside my membership name and number – for obvious reasons of security and privacy.
  • But did the ILA take WRITTEN PERMISSION of all members to sell/re-sell/share their contact information? I think that ILA CANNOT make available all the contact information of members (voters list) to contesting candidates for price of Rs. 6000/- + Rs. 250  as its security and privacy infringement and not authorised by ILA members!
  • On other hand for sake of argument – the information that was freely given by all members should be freely shared with contesting candidates! 
  • Another question is – Can the ILA current President and council members attest that the contact information provided is most current and all the mobile and emails are working?
  • I also think that members interested in contesting can use social media, discussion groups, Facebook groups etc as a alternative to connecting with various LIS professionals – members (for voting) and non-members (for awareness). 

If anyone is interested please read my blog post “My Professional Adventures which contains my self nomination to ILA as one of its members and ILA confirming receipt via email; but later on there is no mention of my candidature in final list published. A unanimous elected panel declared later. I did not receive the ballot paper as a life member to cast my vote too. So how can I be assured that the election for 2016-19 was transparent!

I am still optimistic and would like to contest ILA 2019-22 elections and hoping to file my nomination soon. I also encourage like minded professionals who want to contribute to nominate themselves.

After the ILA fiasco I submitted my application to IASLIC and was elected on GB. 




DOERS (history of substantial contribution) MUST BE GIVEN PREFERENCE AND VOTED FOR.



Contesting members of ILA, IASLIC or any other numerous LIS association in India do not have a ELECTION MANIFESTO – AGENDA. So Im curious on what basis are they contesting and winning till date? If there is no issue – on what basis are voters electing members?  

Why is not a single LIS professional who is a member of LIS association – questioning what concrete measures or developmental activities were undertaken by elected members in their term.

Now coming to my observations and opinions on specifically LIS Associations! I have discussed only ILA and IASLIC only as an example not to target them for any ulterior motives. Hoping these suggestions will be taken in right spirit as intended. I have also taken examples of ALA, IFLA, CILIP etc as way of standard example not for any particular affinity towards them.

Which LIS Association is truly national in nature?

What is the definition of national association? 

According to me a National Association should be representative – in terms of zones-state/UT, male:female ratio as 50% in Council/GB, issues discussed:resolved, having various state/UT chapters etc The members of national association should be working on various issues faced by professionals and resolve them.

My opinion: Why don’t we have ONE national organisation and various state chapter(s) representing 29 States and 7 Union Territories of India similar to Chapters of American Library Association (ALA) from USA and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) of Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) from UK?

All state chapters can still have same name as chapter name and greater degree of autonomy but should be a member of the national organisation.

Suggest that various existing associations in one state can be merged and made into state chapters. But there is a challenge because each association is having certain amount they have collected over time as membership fees and by conducting various seminars/conferences/workshops etc and would not like to part with the said amounts. 

An ideal association should have

  • One President (rotated every two years – North, South, East, West, UT zones)  so that there is equal representation
  • Five Vice Presidents (one from North, South, East, West, UT zones).
  • Ten Executive Members ( two person each from North, South, East, West, UT zones). 


  • It should be made mandatory for all LIS students when they qualify (pass) to become basic members of National LIS Association and State Association without any fee being charged. The full membership and voting rights can be extended when the membership is paid. This will help in knowing how many candidates qualified, how many with jobs vs how many without jobs and also most current contact information will be available to the association.
  • There should be only two contesting teams – each having a panel. Each Panel should have a election manifesto – agenda  will will help voting members decide who amongst the two panel will be a best choice to represent their voice.
  • No member (President/Vice President/Other Members) should have more than two terms (consecutive or at different times).
  • Retired people can only be given advisory roles at national/state/UT/special groups levels – never as contesting candidates and can have a special group similar to ALA’s Retired Members Round Table (RMRT) or CILIPs Retired Members Group as I feel that the profession would benefit from their experience and develop with their advice.

Most of the LIS associations are run like fiefdoms and cronyism is rampant. Most of the members of these associations do not question for many reasons including

  • Respect or fear of Senior professionals or faculty who taught them – who are on these associations
  • Fear of repercussions on their job or favourable placement or PhD
  • Juniors members are largely seen as without experience and not allowed to participate in elections and Seniors who are favourable to the rest in panel are given leverage. It is run on basis of what benefits a person gets to table who is given preference. You call me to your events and the favour will be returned very soon basis. So those who cannot extend any of these perks are ignored even if they can work hard and contribute. So the doers and young professionals are de-moralised.
  • Most of these members are already working so do not want to make waves so keep quiet
  • Others who are not in job do not want to irritate any association member who maybe on interview board or can influence via his cronies the outcome
  • Majority are Indifferent, apathetic un-motivated members 
  • Few who believe that nothing will happen as they are individual persons.  
  • Few who make a protest are targeted – on personal and professional basis
  • Others who make an effort and try to make a difference by nominating self and fighting individual battle are either not allowed to enter or snowed down by rules and regulations.

Request both ILA and IASLIC Presidents to tell what kind of developments or changes made in their tenure from time they got elected – till date? Each association with strong team of 35 ILA and 60 IASLIC contributed what?

2017-19 ILA President: Prof. Shabahat Husain. Number of elected members in ILA: Total 35 (Including 1 President, 6 Vice Presidents, 1 General Secretary, 1 Secretary, 6 Council Members, 17 Council Members Open, 3 Institutional Members)

2017-19 IASLIC President – Jatindra Nath Satpathi. Number of elected members in IASLIC: Total 60  ( Including Office bearers 13, Individual Governing Body Members 21, Individual Governing Body Members 20, Institutional Governing Body Members 6) 

If I am questioned – Who I am – to ask? 


I AM A LIFE MEMBER OF BOTH ASSOCIATIONS – ILA ( SL-5415) and IASLIC (3757-L[Z1])   AND one of the Open Individual Governing Body (GB) Member of IASLIC for year 2017-19

And What contributions I have made as member elected?

If anyone wants to know what my contribution was as GB member of IASLIC till date!

  • I have repeatedly requested IASLIC to give me responsibility of posting on social media on behalf of IASLIC – which has been largely ignored. 
  • I have conducted Librarians Day 9 Sep 2017 in Osmania University on Vice President of South Zone T Ashok Babu (549) advice. I tried to connect again in 2018 but was not successful as he did not respond – later on got to know that he was in USA and unwell. 
  • I have tried to connect with Vice President of South Zone  with numerous proposals but it was not pursued and materialised due to his ill health
  • I tried to connect with via email, phone and in person to Sajal Kanti Goswami and Prof Pijushkanti Panigrahi  in numerous Conferences held in elected years with various suggestions but none materialised 
  • I have used social media and also sent individual emails and whatsapp messages to LIS professionals requesting them to become members
  • I am updating the south zone database by myself without being asked to; as it will only strengthen the database and not a way to tread on anyones toes!
  • As a GB member do not want to proactively take on leadership mantel especially when there is a Vice President and many senior members from our zone on board.
  • I believe that if the Council/GB board trusts its various members – not by just keeping their names on Board – instead request them to contribute – then all members would be proactive and will try to contribute in various capacities and development of profession.

What professional activities should a LIS Association include?
Currently LIS association are just conducting seminars/conferences/workshops; publishing journals/bulletins and giving awards.
Are there any other additional things that these associations should take up?

 My Opinion: How a LIS Association can contribute?

Asst. Librarian = Asst. Professor
Deputy Librarian = Associate Professor
Librarian = Professor

But as per UGC 

– Asst. Librarian = Asst. Professor at Academic Level 10 (6000 AGP) 

– Asst. Librarian = Asst. Professor – Senior grade at Academic Level 11 (7000 AGP)

– Deputy Librarian = Asst. Professor – Selection grade at Academic Level 12 (8000 AGP) 

Deputy Librarian = Associate Professorat Academic Level 13 A(9000 AGP)

– Librarian = Professor at Academic Level 14(10000 AGP)

– Librarian = HAG Scale – Senior Professor at Academic Level 15

There is an anomaly Deputy Librarian designation is equivalent to Associate Professor. But as per UGC Deputy Librarian designation is equivalent to Asst. Professor – Selection (8000 grade pay).  A letter was prepared and circulated on social media by one of the LIS professionals who’s name is not known which is documented on IndiaLibraries Blog – Wake Up Call and Open Request to All LIS Professionals requesting all LIS professionals to send in their Feedback/comments/suggestions for UGC Draft Regulation 2018 to The Chairman, University Grants Commission via email to ugcregulations2017@gmail.comand follow up by India Post To, The Chairman, University Grants Commission, New Delhi – 110002 on or before February 28th, 2018 by midnight in answer to Public notice No.F.1-2/2017 (EC/PS) Dated: 9th February, 2018

I have come across these issues. There are many more which I did not cover. Seeking LIS professionals views/opinions and also any discussion points with sourcing given which I aim to include mentioning their name. Kindly email me at



My new article is out…

December 11, 2018

Library and Information Science Periodicals Published in India: An Overview


Request all to give their feedback at and share it with like minded professionals.


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My new article is out…

April 25, 2018

Suggested code of ethics and professional conduct for library and information science professionals in India


Request all to give their feedback at and share it with like minded professionals.


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What is criteria under which a journal can be termed as ‘national’ or ‘international’?

February 13, 2018
When I was taking a lecture recently… A question was posed to me by one of the participants: What is criteria under which a journal is termed ‘National’ or ‘International’?
Terming a journal ‘national’ or ‘international’ is very dicey! There are lot of criteria to be considered! For those interested there are discussions around this at QuoraResearchGate & LISLinks.


Many assume that it is simple

  • Journals that have International‘ ‘Global‘ ‘World in their journal name is ‘international journal’ even if it is published in a ‘given country’ (India in this instance)
  • Most opine any journal that is not published in India is is termed ‘international’. In other words, any journal that is published from any other country except from India can be termed ‘international’.

Does the above criteria make a journal truly ‘international’?

In globalized economy physical location does not matter as most ‘foreign’ publishers  have based their operations in India. On the other hand there are many open journals whose contact address lists a ‘foreign’ PO Box for communication but for all purposes is in India.

There is lot of confusion to most ‘novice’ researchers.

  • Does language of the journal impact? Does the journal become international if it publishes in one/multiple ‘foreign’ languages?
  • English is generally accepted as the lingua franca for scholarly communication. Will journal be ‘international’ if it publishes only in English language that is considered a common communication language in which most journals are published? There are many Indian journals that are not ‘international’, but are being published in English. A language by itself cannot be a single criteria to be termed international.
  • Will journal be ‘international’ if the scope of journal is international that deals with subject/topics that are truly ‘international’ not ‘local’ in nature?

Many argue that any journal whose ISSN is assigned from a ‘given country’ is termed national for that country. But ISSN assigning agencies have been established in various countries for convenience and has no influence in terming a journal as national or international.

We can safely say a journal is ‘International’ if

  • If journal has Editorial board that is truly international in its composition. Majority of editors should be from countries other than India. It should be noted that sometimes Chief Editor changes over time and ‘maybe’ from different countries including India. If the  Chief Editor is Indian it does not automatically qualify as ‘national’.
  • Majority of published papers in the journal should be ‘international’ submissions. Not sure if authors of Indian origin residing in various countries or citizens from various global countries publish singly or in collaboration with Indians termed international.
  • Majority subscriptions should originate from ‘global’ subscribers (individuals or institutions)
  • Reviewers (experts of given discipline) from countries all over the world
  • Published by a University or Association from any other country other than India
  • Mention of journal in citation indexes that are accepted worldwide (as there a lot of bogus impact factors and predatory citation indexes mentioned by predatory publishers of their predatory journals)

Check out Jan J van Wingerden criteria for an International journal 


Criteria for ‘National’ Journal

  • If journal published in any one of the Indian languages. Many journals are published in Bi-lingual/Tri-lingual/Multi-lingual and even in English language in India…. as English is generally accepted as the lingua franca for scholarly communication.
  • If journal has Editorial board only from one country.
    • Note – India has many states. Editorial board can be from one state or from many states.

Sometimes editorial board of ‘national’ journal comprises of

  • one/two editors who are Indians working in other countries
  • one/two Indians who have migrated and taken citizenship of other countries
  • one/two foreigners.

If majority in editorial board are Indians and journal is being published in India then journal is termed ‘National’.

  • Majority of published papers in the journal are from within the country with a smattering of papers from abroad either as single authorship or collaborations with Indians is still termed ‘national’.
  • Majority subscriptions should originate from within the country subscribers (individuals or institutions). There ‘maybe’ ‘few’ subscriptions from abroad also. Especially as journals are being published online it is easier for global reach.
  • Majority of Reviewers (experts of given discipline) are from India only with an occasional reviewer from ‘abroad’.
  • If the scope of journal is ‘national’ deals ‘majorly’ with subject/topics that are ‘local’ in content but also accepts ‘international’ relevant articles.
  • Published by a University or Association of that country
  • Mention of journal in country-wise citation indexes that are accepted worldwide

‘Many’ find the terms ‘National’ or ‘International’ are not important especially when it is Impact Factor that drives journal ranking. There are many bogus Impact Factors generated by Predatory Open Publishers/Journals which the researcher may not be aware of.  ‘Others’ stress the importance of ‘National’ or ‘International’ journals influencing jobs/projects they receive.

‘National’ or ‘International’ journal should not be a criteria for a researcher to publish. Researchers should find a correct vehicle to publish their article to be able to get a far wider readership or intended readership – Like minded people who are doing research on similar topic to be able to gain citations for their work.

Hope this helps.

Request all LIS professionals to read it and get in touch with me at if there is any discrepancy found.


  • Dr P Divakar Former Librarian, CCMB, Hyd

What is criteria under which a journal can be termed as ‘national’ or ‘international’? by Dr Achala Munigal is licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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Open Access (OA) Models: Terminology Alert!

November 5, 2017

Open Access is

  • Gratis OA: removes price barriers
  • Libre OA: removes both price and permission barriers

There are no ‘free lunches’ provided anywhere in the world…there is a hidden agenda….there are always strings attached!

Someone has to pay!

In the scholarly cycle one of the stakeholders listed below have to pay to ensure article reaches other authors/researchers/scholars/scientists/ interested parties!

  • Author/Researcher/Scholar
  • Institution
  • Funding Agency
  • Philanthropist
  • Government
  • Publisher
  • Subscribers/Users
  • Libraries

Traditionally commercial publisher invited authors to submit their articles to be published in their journals and extended services like proofread, typesetted, copy edited, sent for peer review, published/printed, and globally distributed and marketed on behalf of author. All the profits accrued were enjoyed by the publisher justified by him for his publishing efforts and services rendered. Only those who were highly celebrated authors/researchers/scholars whose work sold received a royalty amount for their work.

If the author wanted to publish an article – he/she had to pay to publisher for his services to get it published. The publisher ensured there was no contention in future for author to demand remuneration for his/her work incase it was well received so publisher introduced a copyright form which author has to sign to waive of his rights of his/her intellectual property to benefit the publisher.

The publisher introduced various models for publication.

Types/Kinds/Models of Open Access

  • Gold OA where the author pays publisher as APC (article processing charge) and the work is made available immediately. The author directly pays or the funding agency covers it (usually the author budgets the publication fees in their applications for funds).
  • Colors of Open Access depending on archival policies
    • green are preprint or post print (publisher’s version/PDF) of journal articles are hosted in digital repositories or online archives free for all to access
    • blue can archive post-print after refereeing or publisher’s version/PDF
    • yellow can archive pre-print draft before refereeing
    • white where archiving is not formally supported
    • black also called guerrilla where illegal paywalled article copies from academic social networks or pirate sites can be accessed and is said to be disruptive form of OA
  • Platinum OA where the publishers depend on funding by foundations, non profits, etc. and do not charge authors APC but allow them to retain copyright of their work; and also to share and reuse provided its cited. “Diamond OA”; “Universal Access”; “Universal OA” are other terms synonomously used for Platinum OA.
  • Hybrid OA where a commercial publisher publishes free articles (where author signed away copyright) and paid articles (where author pays to make his/her article free for all) are published in same volume/issue.
  • Wondering if a ‘Unique OA’ model can be established where all stakeholders (authors, institutions, subscribers/users, government, funding agencies, philanthropist, publishers, libraries) pay a percentage of charges to make it a viable model.


LIS Conferences in India – Pertinent questions or not?

June 2, 2017
Friends…comments requested…
‘Most’ LIS conferences organisers policy – FIRST – Pay Registration fee Accommodation charges (invariably limited on first come first served basis)
Then it will be informed if your paper which is under review – is selected for presentation or not!
Why would anyone want to pay few thousands without confirmation?
I will be incurring almost 10,000 for registration & accommodation and another 10-15000 for flight! Is it worth spending 20-25,000 approx for one conference?
The website does not even state who the speakers are…..
Why can’t organizers plan better?
Most organizers say that paper is being reviewed and will wait to inform participant… till just before conference!
Participants need to take necessary official permissions….. book ‘limited’ accommodation at conference venue & train/flight tickets in advance! Getting train tickets is difficult at short notice & flight gets expensive!
Is this the right way? Or do we have a better way?
Not trying to blame anyone particular …but my question is sure to ruffle few feathers…
Q1. Should advance Intimation of accepted paper for presentation should be made mandatory or not ….before necessary amounts are paid?
Q2. Are the LIS conferences held in India (national or international)  worth spending so much on? What are we learning? Are keynote presenters presenting innovative content? Are we getting to know Indian library examples providing innovative services or know more examples from foreign countries? Are the papers by participants new or again a rehash? Or are we just attending these conferences for API…or to meet, connect, network with people…… criticize/enjoy food ….check out tourist places?

Childrens Book Awards & Lists

June 1, 2017

Check out

Indian Children’s Book Publishers (Alphbetical)


For additions to this list please email me at

Letter to MY Precious Princess!

May 29, 2017

18 Jan 2017


Dear Mia,


There is so much to share with you when you are on the verge of becoming a young lady and leaving your teenage years behind…


I can see the flashback in my mind….as in movies!


The first time I saw you I thought “Ten pretty fingers & ten beautiful toes…. Filled with cuteness & topped with one button nose!


You were the most beautiful child on earth. Your crying was like music to my ears (sadistic eh!). Honestly I was working and missed you so much that any sound you made was like music. I spent hours just looking at you. Inspite of the poop & puke (grossed you out eh!) you still smelt like a garden of flowers (actually it was Johnsons soap, shampoo & powder). Don’t roll your eyes…. All said and done….You were a picture perfect baby…..My baby!


Suddenly I realised…. That my baby grew up and I was celebrating one year birthday of my princess with red balloons in heart shape & a huge cake with your grandparents, maasi and cousin sis…. with host of relatives in attendance. As time passed you slowly grew into a naughty little minx whose antics kept me thoroughly entertained and fully occupied. Don’t know when but you evolved into a monster – this scary monster – who got on my nerves – who questioned everyone and everything.  I was almost loosing hope as the monster was growing out-of-proportions; when I slowly started noticing teeny-tiny changes – a quiet metamorphosis into this responsible, confident, thoughtful, caring, lovely young lady who started ‘momming’ her own mommy. The only thing constant through all this ‘Sturm und Drang’ was your unflinching and unquestionable love.





And to tell you honestly – I was secretly ‘MOSTLY smiles inside’ with frown outside. Ive thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the roller-coaster ride.


Earlier, I may not have told you in so many words but always hoped that all my hugs conveyed to you my love and that you are the best thing that has happened to me in my life. I have always believed that love is not told in words but shown in deeds. But of late realised – that both are very… very… necessary. So I am writing to you. Although…Not very sure if writing letters is an obsolete sentiment in age of email, sms, chat & whatsapp! But when did I confirm to custom…so read on…..


I may not have been the best of moms or given you the life of a princess that you truly deserved. But I would like to tell you that you have been the best daughter in every way you possibly could be! Yes, even with your **** attitude and all. You are all of sugar and spice and all things nice! (Got it…Got it!!) I would not have liked you any other way.


I hoped to be the loving sweet mom whose brow is smooth and unlined while dealing with their children as shown in commercials….. but I think….. I came across as the ever stressed out mom, harried, pressed for time, rushing from one place to another, worried, tired most of the time, irritable MOM… who was busy with office and house work – and when free… was constantly lecturing you on one topic or the other. I hope that I have not taught you unconsciously that work comes over relationships. It does not!! Family is very important. Who would you turn to look and smile… when you have reached the pinnacle of success you have dreamed about? Its family!


Every person who comes into your life has come for a reason: Family you are born into or friends you cultivate in your lifetime. Should you want to keep it at stranger equation or relationship level or form a lifelong bond or chuck them out of your life is upto you.


I want you to know that every relationship needs a lot of time first for understanding to take place and later for bonding to occur. Love and Respect too are on same scale of importance but will come in time. Be it Daughter-Mother-GrandParents, Friend-Friend, Wife-Husband, between Daughter-in-Law and Parents-in-Law every relationship needs time with which comes understanding followed by respect….only then will love grow & flourish. Do not take any relationship for granted. Take out time from your busy schedule daily to meet-and-talk if in same place or call-and-talk if separated by distance. Yes Daily otherwise it will be postponed to later and then forgotten…. And then it is too late!!!


Even the Boss-Employee needs a lot of work and patience for the understanding and respect to grow. As respect cannot be demanded or bought…it has to be earned.


But patience and understanding does not mean that you become a doormat for anyone. You need to take a stand…. Make your own choices that are not based on fear or society accepted patterns or what you think others want from you.


Be your own person.


When to forgive and forget; or when to take a stand – take it headlong by horns – is what you need to decide. Because to win a war is to loose a friend. Is it worth it? You decide. Sometimes you win battles but loose wars! Can you afford to loose the main war? Think. So…sometimes to win wars – it is ok to loose couple of battles.


Choose your battles and wars wisely.

There will always be battles of mind and of the heart. Both give equal valid reasoning – don’t trust either – always listen to your inner voice – which will give you a right feeling and guide you in all your tough decisions of mind and heart. And whatever be your decision leading to right or wrong results, stand by it. Yes, there will be times you have taken right decision and sometimes wrong. Be bold to own it up – celebrate it if right and correct it if wrong. Nothing wrong in accepting that you were wrong. Remember you are human.


Just remember never do half hearted or half baked things. Give your 101% to everything you do and if it does not work out…nothing wrong in leaving it behind for your peace of mind. You will have the satisfaction of already having tried. Moving on is life.


Life is short – Make it sweet & enjoy it – Don’t make it tough for yourself by overthinking or for others by crying or whining over it. Nobody likes complainers & whiners!


There is always duality in nature…good with bad…ying with yang…black with white! So good phase is always followed by bad…. And bad with good! Cycle of life! So always have money, family and friends close by (not necessarily in same order!)


Who ever said money does not buy happiness had way too much of it! I believe it is not end all but most necessary for buying stuff you like and keeping good health which is happiness again! Can you get a good doctor to treat you without money?


I had struggled to make ends meet not once but twice in my life believing life will stop or get tired of handing me lemons. Life did not stop! Nor did I…. Stop making lemonade ie. I have realised….Money is important….very important infact…to make that lemonade much more sweeter!


Life is too short. Don’t spend time on earning so much there is no time left to spend – what you have earned! As long as there is a home to come back to… you can spend the rest on eating, travelling, meeting new people and gaining wonderful experiences…instead of creating movable and immovable property!


My advice to you is 60-30-10% rule – where 60% spent on yourself/family, 30% save for future and 10% spend on others….yes spending on strangers (orphans and old people) will make you appreciate all that you have & not take it for granted and give you lot of happiness of being useful to others.


Talking of money…there were times I could ill afford to spend money on trips & vacations which you graciously understood and accepted and there were times I spent a fortune when I could not afford it but just seeing your eyes light up & your wide beaming smile when you received what your heart desired made up for my empty pocket & worried mind. Hoping that all my struggles may have wizened you up! Hoping you will remember & appreciate the time I spent with you rather than remember the money I could not!


I want to give loads of other advices and clichés and save you from all negative things in life but have realised that you need to make your own experiences.


Always remember whenever you look back, you will always find me standing behind you – supporting you. (Scary eh if Im dead! LOLZ)


On a serious note, I fully trust you and know that you will be successful in every sense! Fly as high as you can….soar over the clouds… reach the stars….


Today ….I promise you….and myself….

I hope…I will always be the wind beneath your wings not the iron chain around your ankles.


I just want you to know that… I believe that…. I too have grown into a better person because of you. I appreciate my parents more now than ever ….because of you! I also want to tell you how much I appreciate you as a daughter and as a human being…..


Hoping you will have a memorable 18th Birthday. Don’t let reality ruin your life…dream on with eyes open 🙂


Now go and conquer the world!


Yours Loving Mom




Indian Children’s Book Publishers (Alphbetical)

April 17, 2017
  1. Amar Chitra Katha
  2. Diamond Toons
  3. Duckbill
  4. Eklavya
  5. Junior Diamond
  6. Kalpavriksh
  7. Karadi Tales
  8. Katha
  9. Little Latitude
  10. Pickle Yolk
  11. Pratham
  12. Red Turtle
  13. Seagull
  14. Tara Books
  15. Tiger
  16. Tulika Publishers
  17. Young Zubaan


To know more about me you can check out
Indian Children’s Book Publishers (Alphbetical) by Dr Achala Munigal is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
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#Unpaywall (A New #OpenAccess #DiscoveryTool)

March 29, 2017



Some of you may remember oaDOI, a tool that searches for an Open Access (OA) version of an article when provided with a digital object identifier (DOI). Impactstory, the team behind oaDOI, has just announced the upcoming release of a new tool based on the oaDOI API called Unpaywall and it looks to be very useful indeed.

Unpaywall operates on the same principle as oaDOI: it hooks onto an article’s DOI and searches a number of sources for an OA version of that article. The main difference here is that, while oaDOI requires you to enter a DOI into a search box, Unpaywall is a Google Chrome extension and performs that search in the background automatically when you visit the landing page for an article. An unobtrusive tab will pop up on the page, as can be seen in the example to the right, which will be green…

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Verba volant scripta manent...Söz uçar yazı kalır...Information matters...Bilgi önemlidir...


Library, Information & Knowledge Workers for Social Reforms

Married to Cook!

Married to Cook

R. David Lankes

Scholar | Speaker | Writer | Teacher | Advocate