Why do we blog?

I checked out with a couple of avid bloggers and twitterati and found insights into this phenomenon….

  • Freedom to write!
  • Online Dairy!
  • Become famous!
  • To be connected!
  • To preach…………
  • To pass time!
  • To connect with friends without having to travel or spend money on phone…office internet is used! (unethical lot)
  • To leave my name behind in the great communication phenomenon!
  • Using the latest technology!
  • To appear cool and happening!
  • Because every1 does it!
  • It is the latest fad!
  • I dont want to be left behind!

As I always said to a “friend” – to each his/her own….Happy Blogging

Post me those that I have missed out…

One Response to “Why do we blog?”

  1. DR Adhinarayanan Says:

    Yes you are absolutely, correct.

    I like it your statement.


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