Different strokes…

Umesh Malhotra – Hippocampus Reading Foundation – http://hippocampus.in/index.html

Sanday D – Cant Stop Reading – http://www.cantstopreading.com/

Mr Raavi Sabharwal – Timeless Art Books – http://www.timelessartbooks.com or http://www.Buyurbooks.com

Reading Caterpillar Childrens Book Club at Nizamuddin West – http://www.facebook.com/pages/New-Delhi-India/Reading-Caterpillar-A-book-club-for-Children/90266483344

Kids Library – http://www.kidsgurukul.com/

The Bharti Library and Activity Center (BLAC) – to introduce deprived children to bokks and help them upgrade reading skills http://www.bhartirealty.com/csr


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