Conferences and events: Access to Electronic Resources in Libraries, Cameroon

International Librarians Network

Today’s guest blog post about conferences and events comes from our Cameroon Coordinator Roseline Bawack:

This event was a training workshop under the theme “Access to electronic resources in libraries and information services”.  The two day workshop took place on the 7 – 8 May 2014. It was organized by ABADCAM – Association of Librarians, Archivists and Documentalists in Cameroon, and was hosted by US Embassy, precisely at the James Baldwin Information Resource Center.

This workshop was aimed at members of the association (Librarians, Documentalists and Archivists).

I was a participant at this training workshop.  It was very useful because I learnt how to acquire and manage electronic resources. Precisely, I learnt how to acquire electronic resources, how to subscribe, typology of electronic resources, rules and regulations, restrictions, etcetera. A demonstration was also made on how to create a digital platform. We also learnt about Web 2.0…

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