Librarians from India using Whatsapp!

Librarians have always learnt to use the latest Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as well as mobile tools available in the market and utilised them

  • to benefit their members
  • in their workplace with their teams
  • for professional development

One of the most used mobile app is Whatsapp; that Librarians in India are utilising. There are many Library and Information Science (LIS) groups on Whatsapp and the alphabetical listing is

  1. Academic Library (Created on 9/12/2014)
  2. Caliber 2015 (Created on 10/31/2014)
  3. Dream Librarian (Created on 10/16/2013) – Oldest Group
  4. IndiaLibraries (Created on 8/11/2014)
  5. IndiaLibraries Students (Created on 21/2/2015)
  6. Library Group (Created on 1/27/2015)
  7. LIS Friends (Created on 10/3/2014)
  8. LIS Professional (Created on 1/9/2014)
  9. Telangana Librarians (Created on 11/27/2014)

I cannot share their numbers due to security and privacy issues. But I would like to thank all the group admins who are running these groups for the benefit of LIS community.

Like every technology Whatsapp too has advantages and disadvantages ….


  1. Instant information sharing
  2. Instant connecting with other members
  3. Issues can be discussed and clarity sought
  4. All members can discuss and give their suggestions
  5. Use of emoticons instead of writing long winded answers
  6. Use the ‘MUTE’ option when busy and do not want to be disturbed.


  1. Buy a smartphone (expensive investment for some) with the whatsapp installed.
  2. Connects only with other people – having a smartphone with whatsapp installed.
  3. Keep recharging Internet time on mobile.
  4. Addictive and can turn a person to compulsively check mobile at all times and in all places. It can become a time wasting pastime if unchecked.
  5. Groups are not listed in one place and hence unsearchable. One cannot join a group unless one is aware of the mobile number of group admin.
  6. Maximum of 100 members can be added in one group!
  7. Duplication of members is seen – Most groups have similar member list.
  8. Only number is displayed and not name. Name reflects only when keyed in profile or saved in contacts list.
  9. Most members do not contribute to the discussion but are silent observers

Guidelines (Do’s and Dont’s) of how to conduct one self as a member on Whatsapp groups …..


  1. Information that is relevant to LIS is to be posted.
  2. Information Sharing and Knowledge Exchange is encouraged. General awareness information and Infotainment is welcome….but not forwarded messages
  3. BREVITY is a MUST! But meaning should not be lost in the process.
  4. Language for communication is English.
  5. Regional Languages/International Languages welcome but only if accompanied by English translation!
  6. Videos should be accompanied by one line description so that other members can decide if they would like to check it out or not!
  7. Just a occasional hello (atleast once a week) from every member or a selfie or a picture of the workplace of member most welcome!
  8. Do remember that what ever is posted online – can be forwarded, shared, stored and retrieved. Messages surface when we least expect and out of context! So be careful of your opinions and how you put them forth!


  1. Do not post ‘very long’ messages. Nobody has time and patience to scroll down long messages.
  2. Do not spam. Occasional reminder is welcome. If one is marketing ones Seminar/Conference/Workshop    For Example write “Last Day/Two Days/Three Days….to submit Camera Ready Paper” More details at URL.
  3. Do not be rude or abrupt in conversations. Constructive criticism. It is expected that all members respect other members opinions even if they do not agree with it.
  4. Do not make spelling mistakes
  5. Do not ‘coin’ your own abbreviations of words – follow standards
  6. Do not be silent spectator. Try to participate in discussion.
  7. Do not send messages on Whatsapp between 10pm to 6am. (I need to actually practice what I preach! )
  8. Do not change group icon or logo or picture posted by the group admin without informing.
  9. Do not share the group admins mobile number without taking consent first due to privacy issues.
  10. Do not post in regional language unless the group is a regional group.

Group Admins

  1. Monitor to see that group members are posting relevant information or ensure that you steer them in right direction.
  2. Give warning to members who do not follow group rules. If the member persist then he/she can be removed.
  3. Appreciate the active members and Encourage the non-active members to share.
  4. Post topics for discussion
  5. Do not remove group members without advance warning.

Please write to me at incase you are aware of any other whatsapp group that I have not included in this list!

Copyright: Achala Munigal

All Rights Reserved.

Please contact for permissions.

10 Responses to “Librarians from India using Whatsapp!”

  1. NAVNIT PATEL Librarian Says:

    nice blog

  2. ajay shrivastava Says:

    Nice plateform unite for LIS..professional. ..

  3. Rajashekhar Devarai Says:

    Informative and useful information. best wishes Achala.

  4. Rajashekhar Devarai Says:

    Other whatsapp groups on LIS
    Stat Librarian
    Knowledge Managers

  5. Rajashekhar Devarai Says:

    Revised reply : Other whatsapp groups on LIS
    Star Librarians
    Knowledge Managers

  6. sbsclibrary61 Says:


  7. Rupesh Says:

    Update: the maximum number of members on Whatsapp group is now 256.

    Also, Library professionals can exploit “Whatsapp Broadcast” feature. This is like sending a BCC email. Messages can be sent to a group of contacts at once, but will be delivered individually. Unlike Whatsapp Groups, recipients will not know who else has received the message. They can reply individually to the sender.

  8. sbsclibrary61 Says:

    yes informative and is being used amongst the professional counterparts

  9. lbnraj Says:

    Whatsapp groups initiated by me :
    ISLA (Indian School Library Association),
    School Librarium,
    Star Librarians,
    Here and There,
    Ffashion Ppassion,
    Lingayata Vichara Vedike,

    Rajashekhar Devarai

  10. sharmilabolisheety Says:

    how to join in telangana librarian group. Any info will be their regrading the jobs in the group.

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