“IDEAL” candidates to edit Wikipedia

Library and Information Science (LIS) Professionals are the most “IDEAL” candidates to edit Wikipedia and market it as a good source as 
1. They are having verified, credible sources at their disposal
2. They know about Citing – Citation Styles, See also references, Bibliography etc
3. They also know about Intellectual Property Rights, Copyright issues, Creative Commons Licenses etc
4. They can cover the whole spectrum of users – Students/Research Scholars/Faculty/General Public – who form major users of Wiki- as they are available in Academic – Schools/Colleges/Universities, Government Institutions, Research Institutions, Corporate Institutions, Private Institutions, Public Libraries etc 
5. There are LIS professionals in every country with knowledge of English and local language, so can work or update pages in English/Local language simultaneously
6. They already are conducting Programs/Events on various Tools, Technologies and Social Media 
LIS professionals are the only people who can change the perception of University authorities towards Wikipedia as an verified, credible and authenticated source of information which can be cited in research. 

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