Library and Information Science (LIS) Courses


I have listed out LIS related courses that are available

  • online as well as regular courses
  • free as well as paid courses


LIS Related

  1. Certificate Programme on Digital Libraries (CPDL) Vardhaman Mavaveer Open University, Kota
  2. WebJunction has many LIS related courses
  3. Association for Library Collections & Technical Services
  4. New on the Job eCourse/eBook bundle by Hilda Weisburg

LIS Leadership

  1. Leadership Institute for Academic Librarians


  1. Health Librarianship Essentials

Social Media

  1. SLA KMKS104. Networking and Social Media: Technology Enable Knowledge Sharing
  2. 23 Mobile Things

Research Methodology 

  1. Online Course on Research Methodology
  2. AuthorAID Online Course in Research Writing from INASP


  1. WIPO Courses
  2. CopyrightX from Harvard Law School
  3. Copyright for Educators & Librarians
  4. Copyright for Multimedia


Digital Literacy

  1. Alison – Digital Literacy and IT Skills


Alison – Understanding Advanced Search using Google Search Course

Daniel Russell – Power Searching with Google


If anyone has come across any other LIS related courses please email details to me at so that I can update this list.



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