Few Interesting Lines on Relevance of Librarians

  • Technologies and Internet cannot replace librarians….But Librarians who use internet as well as latest technologies and tools will replace librarians who do not!
  • Library Sciences is a noble profession like teaching and practicing medicine!
  • A library is the foundation for all existing professions!
  • A librarian is the only person who can help the researcher or person requiring information sift grain from the chaff.
  • One needs to work out in the gym to build the body and work out/read in a library to build their brains!
  • Teachers get jobs in academic institutions only; Engineers  and doctors should be micro-specialized to get placements; but with basic qualifications, a LIS person can get placements anywhere and everywhere.
  • Libraries are not only about what is stacked on its shelves. It is also about what LIS professionals do and what services are extended.

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