‘Mobile Rotating Library’

I was volunteering as an ‘Library Advisor’ for Bodakha (meaning Teacher) Library at Centre for Environmental Protection & Cultural Exchange  India (CEPCE India ) Society an NGO with Regn. no. 2/2007 .

Funding for the library was an issue. All were volunteers in the centre and contributed what each could for the library. But we did not reach a substantial number. I requested close family, friends, neighbors to donate ‘new/used”books’ and not ‘money’ to the ‘venture’.  This way I felt there would be no problem as there would be no money involved for corruption to arise. Even the people donating books would not wonder how it was being used as opposed to money being properly utilized! Studies are available on net where its reported that ‘Most’ NGO’s spend money on marketing and the money donated is not ‘properly utilised’ in providing services. Only those books in good condition without mutilation were accepted. We stressed on story books in English/Hindi/Telugu, Atlas, Dictionary, Thesaurus etc We did not stress on textbooks; although reference books were accepted. Each book donated was duly recorded as gift and collected over a period of time. Once substantial number was reached we gifted it to a center identified by CEPCE. The concept of ‘Mobile Rotating Library’ was that once the books were read in one center, books were taken in a mobile van to the next center. This way even with limited resources children had more books to read.

If there is anyone who would like to donate new/used books can contact me via email at AchalaMunigalRao@gmail.com. Please note that ‘money’ will not be accepted.

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