Interesting Articles on Library and Information Science

  1. A Tough Lesson to Learn
  2. Being a librarian now means also being at least a part-time social worker
  3. Do you know your self-worth? at 
  4. Exploitation of Library Professionals in India
  5. In Age of Google, Librarians Get Shelved
  6. In the Age of Google, Law Librarians Manage Your Time, People, and Money
  7. Librarians are Doomed Again
  8. Library Associations Need to Do Better By the Members
  9. My Professional Adventures
  10. The seven deadly sins of librarianship
  11. What can I do?…/31/what-can-i-do/
  12. What type of Library Professional are you?
  13. Young Learners Need Librarians Not Just Google
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