Directory of Library and Information Science Professionals

I have got an email asking me to include my details in “Directory of Library and Information Science Teachers in India” ! In the email/google form a “Teacher” is defined as a person who actively involved in teaching to the students to fulfill the need of a course / program that forms a part of their opted certificate / diploma / bachelor degree / master degree / research level programme in Library and Information Science.

Since I am a working librarian assigned the designation of Asst. Prof. (LIS), I am not eligble to be included in that particular directory! Although I did take a couple of sessions in DLIS, OU & GU and in various UGC HRDC …that does not matter I suppose….. Im not eligible! Details of sessions I have taken are at

Anyway – since I got the link – was curious to know what details were included. On reviewing questions came across – Category of Caste! wonder why that particular option was included???
The following criteria which I think is important should be included in the above directory
1. Faculty specialise/expert in!
2. If they are working in Central/State/Quasi/Private?
3. Social Media presence for the Department/Library and also for librarians is not included
4. The following combination of people are also not included – retd librarians ‘still’ working as faculty/guest faculty, working librarians working as external/guest faculty!
I remember that I came across many other such efforts on preparing LIS Directories:
  1. Prof. A A N Raju, Former Head DLIS, OU H No C-10-63 Ghokle Nagar Ramathapur Hyd 500 013 also had undertaken to bring out Directory in Print
  2. Directory of library professionals in Karnataka is published by Dr. Shivanna, R. Rtd. Dy. Librarian (Bangalore University). (Source: Thimmappa Neerkaje)
  3. Directory of Library and Information Science Teachers in India in print
  4. Directory at Librarydotcom 
  5. IndiaLibraries Directory of Library & Information Science (LIS) Resource Persons 
  6. IndiaLibraries Facebook group 
  7. Inflibnet Vidwan Expert Database 
  8. Resource Persons / Experts in Library and Information Science
Why dont all LIS professional integrate their directory and make it into one directory that has current information of all LIS professionals in India at all levels?
Are any of the ‘numerous’ LIS Associations paying attention?
Probably one library association can take this up! Infact if all the Associations contribute their membership listing – a proper directory can be made!
There is no one single source to get information/statistics on how many libraries (National, Depository, Public/District, University, Corporate, Private) in India. I think only ADINET lists all libraries in Gujarat (2079). But efforts of rest of states not known!

Suggesting for prepare a Directory of 

  • LIS Departments in India
  • LIS staff at all levels in India
  • Librarians
  • LIS Faculty – which you already are preparing! I suggest you also include another feild – of what they specialise/expert in!
  • LIS Resource Persons – with specialisations (include faculty and working librarians) – which organisers of conferences can refer to
There is not a single place where LIS journals are listed. How many are open access and how many subscribed/commerical. One-day workshop on Wikipedia organised by Department of Library and Information Science (DLISc) and Research and Training Unit for Navigational Electronics (NERTU) Library, Osmania University (OU) in collaboration with Telugu Wikipedians, Centre for Internet Access to knowledge (CIS A2K) and Wikimedia India on 11 January 2016 at NERTU Conference Hall and the page List of LIS Journals in India was a collaborative output of that day!
There is no single place where we can get information on how many LIS conferences/seminars/workshops were conducted in India till date. The proceedings are also not housed in one place for reference! Although ICON-AD is doing a commendable contribution.
Wonder what all the Library Associations in India are doing!
Suggested Format: List out all LIS departments, libraries and library staff working under them at all levels.



  • National Library
  • Depository Library
  • Museum/Archives
  • Public Library – Statewise
  • District Library
  • Central University
    • LIS Department
    • Libraries
  • State University
    • LIS Deparments
    • Libraries
  • Private Organisations
    • LIS Departments – mostly Certificate and Diploma

Other Libraries

  • Special Libraries
    • Government Organisation Libraries
    • Military/Air/Naval/Police etc
    • Reserach and Training Libraries
  • Private Libraries
  • Corporate Libraries


Suggested: Crowdsource
If anyone is preparing any directories like the above, I can volunteer to populate all the information I know or come across in my spare time! You can get in touch with me at
To know more about me you can check out
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One Response to “Directory of Library and Information Science Professionals”

  1. Salman Haider Says:

    Dear Achala, please see below information.

    Online Directory of Librarians and Library and Information Science and Services Professionals
    #librarians #librariansdirectory

    Online Directory of Librarians and Library and Information Science and Services Professionals is a list of librarians and library professionals. It is a free international Who’s Who of Library and Information Science and Services.

    It is to be noted that this directory is currently under development. Its idea is envisioned based on the crowdsourcing model where the librarians and other library professionals will send us their information to be included in the directory. We will add entries in this directory as we receive information from them.


    Please provide us your information through the data entry form given in the directory to get an entry in the directory.

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