Unacceptable Hyderabad Branding by Beall: From City of Pearls to Corrupt City of Predatory Publishers Based on One! #Protest

Early morning woke up to tweet from @Jeffrey_Beall https://twitter.com/Jeffrey_Beall/status/801101690946482176?s=08 – Hyderabad, India — City of Corruption [Blog post] https://t.co/8lquNJD9ov via @jeffrey_beall #Hyderabad #OA


Could not react till now – with other pressing work that needed to be handled on priority!

So read on…..

Beall blogs “home to countless predatory open-access publishers and conference organizers, and new, open-access publishing companies and brands are being created there every day” but only mentioned one – OMICS!

One sample is assumed as universal population by him? Why?

Kindly list ‘few’ from the countless OA publishers that you are aware from Hyderabad! Then probably you can justify branding Hyderabad corrupt! Based on one predatory OA publisher you have taken a fancy to ….you have branded whole of Hyderabad city as corrupt – most unacceptable!

All Hyderabadis and Indians protest! And we protest strongly! Request all Hyderabadis/Indians to register your protest by tweeting and sharing on various social media of the wrongful blame.

Beall – FYI only….

Hyderabad is called ‘City of Pearls’ most famous amongst the tourists and now an IT destination of the world. It has gained prominence as an outsourcing hub; where every known company/bank of repute has an office.

Are you assuming that you are better than all those CEOs and CFOs put together – who did not know any better than to have offices in Hyderabad?

All said and done – tacit rule of thumb of all business – anywhere in the world is  to use Internet to generate money! So why should Hyderabadis be any different?

If one person uses wrong business methods – you blame the whole city! Hyderabad is not a publishing hub!

Hyderabad – the city of Nawabs is celebrated for many things including but not limited to those I have listed. Golkonda mines is said to have produced the worlds famous diamonds like Koh-i-Noor that currently graces the Queens crown, the Hope Diamond  and many more. Hyderabadi food is to die for – such as the world famous biryani (a flavoured rice with meat) and Haleem (pounded wheat dish cooked for 12 hours aproximately with ghee and spices). The architectural marvel whose four minarets are visible from all four sides is called Charminar is located in Hyderabad. You name it and Hyderabad has it! It is home to Osmania University the 7th oldest University in India. Hyderabad has strived to educate the rural/urban masses who are now running most of the worlds top institutions. Satya Nadella, CEO OF Microsoft Corporation & Shantanu Narayen, CEO and President of Adobe Systems were educated here! Sushmita Sen Miss Universe 1994, Diana Hayden Miss World 1997, Dia Mirza Miss Asia-Pacific 2000 have all put Hyderabad on the map. Not to be left behind is Rohit Khandelwal who won Mister World 2016! P. V. Sindhu, won a Silver medal at 2016 Rio Olympics in badminton; Saina Nehwal another badminton great; as well as Sania Mirza in tennis have brought fame to Hyderabad by excelling in sports. With such wonderful contributions of beauty, brains, intellect, strength of Hyderabadis, its unacceptable that Hyderabad is branded as corrupt city by you – because of one OMICS!

I take exception to you calling the whole Hyderabad as city of corruption! It is not! Because of few bad apples (in this case one!) you cannot term the whole city corrupt!

Few facts on India and Indians – 34% employees at Microsoft, 28% at IBM, 17% at Intel and 13% at Xerox are Indians (Sure that many are from Hyderabad although statistics not available!)

I partially support Jeffery Beall and respect all the hardwork that goes into listing predatory OA journals and publishers. Also believe that all OA journal publishers and editors need to follow correct publishing practices. But do not support him nor will accept when he wrongfully blames whole of Hyderabad as it is home of OMICS which is termed predatory by him.

It is a sad day for all Hyderabadis who are hardworking, talented and highly educated – winning laurels all over the world being termed corrupt and predatory.

I am not trying to justify the wrong but protest against collective blame on basis of one!

One needs to consider the factors that lead to it.  Predatory publishing happened when Internet arrived on the scene and online publishing became easy. Since this predatory phenomenon occurred most recently all the professors, supervisors and researchers are not aware of it. Few senior professors on verge of retiring have not updated themselves regarding this particular predatory facet. But to counter it is the dynamic lot of professionals especially the librarians in India who are simultaneously updating themselves as well as working towards creating awareness by conducting sessions on local, national, international scale in addressing various LIS issues including predatorism. Yes, Hyderabad is a sample of India in some respects as given. India (Hyderabad) still resides in its villages and is only limited by the facilities not by enthusiasm to learn and contribute towards research. Most of Hyderabad like India is plagued by sporadic electricity failures and internet connectivity. The faculty or researchers in Hyderabad/India do not have most facilities that ‘global citizens’ take for granted. But they are still doing research and publishing papers that is highly commendable. Funding is a huge limitation everywhere irrespective or urban or rural. With budgets being cut; only the priority work is done first which forces training into backseat – mostly to be forgotten.  Most of the Central and State government run university faculty are overworked – as no new recruitment have taken place – to share the teaching and administrative burdens leaving them no time to update themselves or their fellow professionals regarding predatorism or any other issue. UGC is doing wonderful work in various HRDCs and streamlining but India is a vast country plagued with many problems. Even with most limitations in place the people at all levels and professions are doing wonderful work for the betterment of the nation! It is easy to blame and label but it takes time for standardizing. And Hyderabadis/Indians never shied away from challenges or responsibilities!

Predatorism is rampant all over the world not only in Hyderabad, India! So why was Hyderabad targeted and branded as corrupt? Because of OMICS? One if forced to think that probably biases are in play here. Please note: I do not support OMICS or any other publisher/journal which follows wrong publishing practices.

With ‘few’ dubious people trying to make a quick buck via the internet using unsavory unacceptable publishing process end up smearing good efforts of ‘many’ with their shady contributions.

Instead of taking exception – Hyderabadis need to take Bealls accusations into perspective and address it before this unsavory labeling sticks! Hyderabadis need to take a proactive stance and follow correct publishing process to rid of predatory label:


  • Every person who wishes to publish needs to read up correct publishing practices and follow them.
  • Google, ask on various professional groups if in doubt, attend seminars/conferences/workshops to update on correct publishing practices.
  • Librarians need to conduct awareness sessions
  • Universities need to have an open access policy in place
  • Professors who are supervisors should insist their research scholars publish in reliable OA journals and steer clear of predatory ones.
  • Departments/professional associations should have list of acceptable publishing vehicles and banning corrupt predatory journal publishers.
  • Researchers/Authors to check DOAJ for selecting OA publishing vehicles.
  • Editors/Publishers should have a transparent guidelines and policies that are published prominently on their website.
  • Editorial Members should ensure that they are not on board for name and fame; but ensure to check if journal they are associated with is following correct OA policies & publishing policies including following peer review processes .
  • Editors/Publishers should all come together voluntarily and agree on acceptable publishing processes that are in line with international publication guidelines like COPE
  • OpenAccessIndia.org should take up the responsibility of getting all the editors and publishers in India together and establishing OA publishing guidelines & policy and publishing a standardized OA policy that is on par with international code. They can also conduct training and seminars that create awareness of correct publishing methods.

Those who want to know list of predatory publishers and journals can visit Bealls blog at https://scholarlyoa.com or check out his tweets at https://twitter.com/jeffrey_beall. Another interesting site I came across says – Critical Analysis of Jeffrey Beall’s Blog at http://scholarlyoa.net/ is actually Beall bashing and branding him corrupt! Now seeing both these opinions causes confusion to the layman and unseasoned researcher or budding author! Can we blame them?

But a cautionary advice: It is always prudent to be careful and follow correct publishing practices instead of getting influenced by peoples opinion and branding which ‘may be’ or ‘may not be’ correct! Use your own discretion in filtering what is written.

Am I a Beall fan? I was. Not anymore. As he accuses all OA without basis and with bias. But I agree with him that proper accepted standardized publishing practices have to be adopted!

Open invitation to Jefferey Beall: Visit Hyderabad to see for yourself how Hyderabad city is and Hyderabadis actually are before making assumptions and accusing/labeling them wrongly.

#ProudHyderabadi #HyderabadSupportsOA

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