Letter to MY Precious Princess!

18 Jan 2017


Dear Mia,


There is so much to share with you when you are on the verge of becoming a young lady and leaving your teenage years behind…


I can see the flashback in my mind….as in movies!


The first time I saw you I thought “Ten pretty fingers & ten beautiful toes…. Filled with cuteness & topped with one button nose!


You were the most beautiful child on earth. Your crying was like music to my ears (sadistic eh!). Honestly I was working and missed you so much that any sound you made was like music. I spent hours just looking at you. Inspite of the poop & puke (grossed you out eh!) you still smelt like a garden of flowers (actually it was Johnsons soap, shampoo & powder). Don’t roll your eyes…. All said and done….You were a picture perfect baby…..My baby!


Suddenly I realised…. That my baby grew up and I was celebrating one year birthday of my princess with red balloons in heart shape & a huge cake with your grandparents, maasi and cousin sis…. with host of relatives in attendance. As time passed you slowly grew into a naughty little minx whose antics kept me thoroughly entertained and fully occupied. Don’t know when but you evolved into a monster – this scary monster – who got on my nerves – who questioned everyone and everything.  I was almost loosing hope as the monster was growing out-of-proportions; when I slowly started noticing teeny-tiny changes – a quiet metamorphosis into this responsible, confident, thoughtful, caring, lovely young lady who started ‘momming’ her own mommy. The only thing constant through all this ‘Sturm und Drang’ was your unflinching and unquestionable love.





And to tell you honestly – I was secretly ‘MOSTLY smiles inside’ with frown outside. Ive thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the roller-coaster ride.


Earlier, I may not have told you in so many words but always hoped that all my hugs conveyed to you my love and that you are the best thing that has happened to me in my life. I have always believed that love is not told in words but shown in deeds. But of late realised – that both are very… very… necessary. So I am writing to you. Although…Not very sure if writing letters is an obsolete sentiment in age of email, sms, chat & whatsapp! But when did I confirm to custom…so read on…..


I may not have been the best of moms or given you the life of a princess that you truly deserved. But I would like to tell you that you have been the best daughter in every way you possibly could be! Yes, even with your **** attitude and all. You are all of sugar and spice and all things nice! (Got it…Got it!!) I would not have liked you any other way.


I hoped to be the loving sweet mom whose brow is smooth and unlined while dealing with their children as shown in commercials….. but I think….. I came across as the ever stressed out mom, harried, pressed for time, rushing from one place to another, worried, tired most of the time, irritable MOM… who was busy with office and house work – and when free… was constantly lecturing you on one topic or the other. I hope that I have not taught you unconsciously that work comes over relationships. It does not!! Family is very important. Who would you turn to look and smile… when you have reached the pinnacle of success you have dreamed about? Its family!


Every person who comes into your life has come for a reason: Family you are born into or friends you cultivate in your lifetime. Should you want to keep it at stranger equation or relationship level or form a lifelong bond or chuck them out of your life is upto you.


I want you to know that every relationship needs a lot of time first for understanding to take place and later for bonding to occur. Love and Respect too are on same scale of importance but will come in time. Be it Daughter-Mother-GrandParents, Friend-Friend, Wife-Husband, between Daughter-in-Law and Parents-in-Law every relationship needs time with which comes understanding followed by respect….only then will love grow & flourish. Do not take any relationship for granted. Take out time from your busy schedule daily to meet-and-talk if in same place or call-and-talk if separated by distance. Yes Daily otherwise it will be postponed to later and then forgotten…. And then it is too late!!!


Even the Boss-Employee needs a lot of work and patience for the understanding and respect to grow. As respect cannot be demanded or bought…it has to be earned.


But patience and understanding does not mean that you become a doormat for anyone. You need to take a stand…. Make your own choices that are not based on fear or society accepted patterns or what you think others want from you.


Be your own person.


When to forgive and forget; or when to take a stand – take it headlong by horns – is what you need to decide. Because to win a war is to loose a friend. Is it worth it? You decide. Sometimes you win battles but loose wars! Can you afford to loose the main war? Think. So…sometimes to win wars – it is ok to loose couple of battles.


Choose your battles and wars wisely.

There will always be battles of mind and of the heart. Both give equal valid reasoning – don’t trust either – always listen to your inner voice – which will give you a right feeling and guide you in all your tough decisions of mind and heart. And whatever be your decision leading to right or wrong results, stand by it. Yes, there will be times you have taken right decision and sometimes wrong. Be bold to own it up – celebrate it if right and correct it if wrong. Nothing wrong in accepting that you were wrong. Remember you are human.


Just remember never do half hearted or half baked things. Give your 101% to everything you do and if it does not work out…nothing wrong in leaving it behind for your peace of mind. You will have the satisfaction of already having tried. Moving on is life.


Life is short – Make it sweet & enjoy it – Don’t make it tough for yourself by overthinking or for others by crying or whining over it. Nobody likes complainers & whiners!


There is always duality in nature…good with bad…ying with yang…black with white! So good phase is always followed by bad…. And bad with good! Cycle of life! So always have money, family and friends close by (not necessarily in same order!)


Who ever said money does not buy happiness had way too much of it! I believe it is not end all but most necessary for buying stuff you like and keeping good health which is happiness again! Can you get a good doctor to treat you without money?


I had struggled to make ends meet not once but twice in my life believing life will stop or get tired of handing me lemons. Life did not stop! Nor did I…. Stop making lemonade ie. I have realised….Money is important….very important infact…to make that lemonade much more sweeter!


Life is too short. Don’t spend time on earning so much there is no time left to spend – what you have earned! As long as there is a home to come back to… you can spend the rest on eating, travelling, meeting new people and gaining wonderful experiences…instead of creating movable and immovable property!


My advice to you is 60-30-10% rule – where 60% spent on yourself/family, 30% save for future and 10% spend on others….yes spending on strangers (orphans and old people) will make you appreciate all that you have & not take it for granted and give you lot of happiness of being useful to others.


Talking of money…there were times I could ill afford to spend money on trips & vacations which you graciously understood and accepted and there were times I spent a fortune when I could not afford it but just seeing your eyes light up & your wide beaming smile when you received what your heart desired made up for my empty pocket & worried mind. Hoping that all my struggles may have wizened you up! Hoping you will remember & appreciate the time I spent with you rather than remember the money I could not!


I want to give loads of other advices and clichés and save you from all negative things in life but have realised that you need to make your own experiences.


Always remember whenever you look back, you will always find me standing behind you – supporting you. (Scary eh if Im dead! LOLZ)


On a serious note, I fully trust you and know that you will be successful in every sense! Fly as high as you can….soar over the clouds… reach the stars….


Today ….I promise you….and myself….

I hope…I will always be the wind beneath your wings not the iron chain around your ankles.


I just want you to know that… I believe that…. I too have grown into a better person because of you. I appreciate my parents more now than ever ….because of you! I also want to tell you how much I appreciate you as a daughter and as a human being…..


Hoping you will have a memorable 18th Birthday. Don’t let reality ruin your life…dream on with eyes open 🙂


Now go and conquer the world!


Yours Loving Mom




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