LIS Conferences in India – Pertinent questions or not?

Friends…comments requested…
‘Most’ LIS conferences organisers policy – FIRST – Pay Registration fee Accommodation charges (invariably limited on first come first served basis)
Then it will be informed if your paper which is under review – is selected for presentation or not!
Why would anyone want to pay few thousands without confirmation?
I will be incurring almost 10,000 for registration & accommodation and another 10-15000 for flight! Is it worth spending 20-25,000 approx for one conference?
The website does not even state who the speakers are…..
Why can’t organizers plan better?
Most organizers say that paper is being reviewed and will wait to inform participant… till just before conference!
Participants need to take necessary official permissions….. book ‘limited’ accommodation at conference venue & train/flight tickets in advance! Getting train tickets is difficult at short notice & flight gets expensive!
Is this the right way? Or do we have a better way?
Not trying to blame anyone particular …but my question is sure to ruffle few feathers…
Q1. Should advance Intimation of accepted paper for presentation should be made mandatory or not ….before necessary amounts are paid?
Q2. Are the LIS conferences held in India (national or international)  worth spending so much on? What are we learning? Are keynote presenters presenting innovative content? Are we getting to know Indian library examples providing innovative services or know more examples from foreign countries? Are the papers by participants new or again a rehash? Or are we just attending these conferences for API…or to meet, connect, network with people…… criticize/enjoy food ….check out tourist places?

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