All the Best to all contesting candidates for ILA Election 2019 – 2022

Hello Dear LIS Professional Friends (Contesting and Voting),

ILA has uploaded final list of Contestants for the ILA Election 2019 – 2022 on 19 Jan 2019

Best wishes to all the contestants. May the best person WIN! Because once the person(s) wins there will be host of expectations from fellow professional members and responsibilities that the “Winning ILA Team” needs to shoulder.

Even my name figures on the list…this time! SO VOTE FOR ME AS COUNCIL MEMBER-SOUTH ZONE!  I am not part of any panel and standing as independent candidate as I believe that – if I WIN – I will be able to work effectively and able to question current team too – so effectively work for association members and profession 🙂

Why should you vote me – you may ask! Please read below to be convinced to vote for me.

If I am elected as Council Member – South Zone, I will support ILA Council by working as team member towards development of profession and try to address problems/issues faced by LIS professionals…better transparency in all endeavors and more importantly communicate using website and various social media what contributions were made during said term. Push towards chapters in various states and ensure standardization in policies on various issues. Work towards increasing members from South, improve women representation in LIS associations & updating member database. Monitor social media if given responsibility. I will also be the voice & conscience – if need be.

Please find my Curriculum-vitae given below as desired in 10 sentences:

I am Dr (Ms) Achala Munigal, Asst. Prof. (LIS)/Asst. Librarian working in UCS, Osmania University (OU) with 20+ years experience. Education qualifications include BLISc, MLISc, MA (Philo.), PhD (LIS) from OU. Got JRF/NET-LIS (1996). Completed UGC-MRP in 2012. Completed MOOC on Copyright from Harvard & Coursera; Basics of APA Style etc.; & now preparing Citation Styles MOOC. PhD Supervisor for 5 Scholars. Course-writer for few units for BRAOU. Co-Director for 2 ICSSR-SRC courses. Resource person – College of Air Warfare (CAW), UGC-HRDC (earlier ASC) of OU, JNTU (H), MAANU in Hyd & Gujarat University (GU); ICSSR-SRC; DLISc of OU, KU, BRAOU & GU. Authored 1 & edited 1 international book; written 3 chapters; 5 journal & 11 conference proceedings articles. Best article IASLIC-2016. Convener for various Seminars/Conferences/Workshops.

In addition to the above – I am also Life member of various Library Associations like ILA, IASLIC, MANLIBNET, SALIS, BOSLA, APLA, ALSD, TSLA etc. I am also on ICSSR-SRC Web Team member 2017, Member Committee on Digitization Section of the ICSSR-SRC 2018, Member Open Access India’s Working Group, South Zone Convenor Open Access India, ADINET Consultant Advisor 2016-, Altmetrics Ambassador 2015-, DOAJ Associate Editor Volunteer 2015–2016, International Librarians Network (ILN) Country Coordinator  2013-2014. I was awarded a Roll of Honour – Contribution Award for making much appreciated ‘above and beyond’ efforts towards sustained process development, business growth and for sharing knowledge and expertise with team members from the Deloitte leadership while at Deloitte. Visited countries including Australia, Kenya, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Tanzania, Singapore, & Bahrain. I am an avid networker and connect with people on various social media.  I am passionate about giving back to the community and volunteer on many LIS related projects.

Please check what happened in ILA elections 2016-2019 on my blog “My Professional Adventures” at Dear Prof K. G. Vaidya who was the then election officer had confirmed via email that he had received my ballot via email and Indian post within stipulated time and then seen on website that – unanimously ILA Team 2016-2019 was elected! Why my application was rejected was never communicated to me or on website! No transparency at all!

So this time around….I blogged my nomination at My Professional Adventures – Part II at and sent my nomination papers via email and Indian Post to the current election officer Dr. Sarabjeet Singh Pawar, Election Officer, ILA – 2019-2022.

In my other post “LIS Associations Elections – Demand by Members!” at I have blogged that contesting members do not have an agenda or election manifesto. So on what grounds are candidates contesting??? And on what grounds are the members electing???


It is not going to be like the previous ILA Teams

  1. They either did not contribute
  2. They contributed but on minor not major issues
  3. They contributed on major issues but did not share their contributions!

Any or all of the above reasons led to the dissatisfaction & disillusionment amongst LIS professionals in India! MANY HAVE POSTED ON VARIOUS SOCIAL MEDIA THAT THEY NEVER GOT BALLOT FROM ANY LIS ASSOCIATION TILL DATE!

Problems Plaguing LIS Association Elections – not only ILA but every other LIS Association in India.

  1. Retired professionals are treating LIS Association seats like Emeritus-ship! Once they are retired – they settle down in some association position (irrespective of what it is!). I respect the experience of the retired professionals and strongly believe that they can still contribute as advisors/mentors to current team but not as a incumbent holding a position! So I believe that only working people should contest for all posts.
  2. Most of the previous “unanimous” or otherwise elected LIS Associations are being run as “Fiefdoms”. How many ballots sent vs how many returned – transparency not available! Newer blood is not given a chance; as experienced professionals do not want to let go of their hold as they move from one position to other (After being Vice President for a term – they don’t aspire for higher position to be President; they don’t mind being a Council Member as long as they hold a post!) Why? What are the perks of being in an Association??? Anyone in the know-how – please message me 2017-19 ILA  Number of elected members in ILA: Total 35 (Including 1 President, 6 Vice Presidents, 1 General Secretary, 1 Secretary, 6 Council Members, 17 Council Members Open, 3 Institutional Members) and 2017-19 IASLIC  Number of elected members in IASLIC: Total 60  ( Including Office bearers 13, Individual Governing Body Members 21, Individual Governing Body Members 20, Institutional Governing Body Members 6). DO WE REALLY NEED SO MANY TO REPRESENT US???? Scale down please!!! Associated costs would go down!!
    The perks I know of

    • You will be given travel allowance. But are all the members treated equally and given the travel allowance??? I will blog about this later!
    • You will be included as expert or resource person on various boards. Barter system works I hear – that why we see the same person called as resource person on variety of topics (which he/she may not be an expert in!). I have practically seen a resource person carrying the same set of “dated” PPT slides to every session for past few years droning or spewing same bilge!
  3. Most of the previous elected LIS Association members were “reticent” and one never got to know their views or opinions on any topic of consequence (Latest one being a non-LIS taking on mantle at INFLIBNET).  LIS professionals who are “Doers” should be identified and trained so that they can taken on the mantel in future if elected. “Talkers” and “Thinkers” are also necessary but not as elected members!
  4. There is no major WOMEN representation in any zone…especially at top positions! Women Professionals need to wake up and take their place….as nobody will give it to you! I think there should be 50% representation rather than the 33%! Women please write to me your interest in participating in LIS association for the next term 🙂 Lets prepare ourselves!
  5. There are no National LIS Association in India which are truly representational! ILA is north based, IASLIC is Kolkatta based and IATLIS is for teaching faculty! Most LIS Associations are having majority of members from NORTH – there are no major representations from EAST, WEST, SOUTH! I suggest to have one National LIS Association and various State Chapters so that everyone will have representation and a voice. Every region has its inherent problems and require someone to represent them on right platform.
  6. LIS Associations do not use Information and Communication Tools, Technologies and Devices. They still use archaic methods of communication. When Social Media, Mobile Technology and Web Technology is available; continue to use Snail mail for reasons best known to them! I suggest that members should be able to edit their information online and be able to make changes and vote online; an option can be provided to those who want to opt in for other means of communication. Example: Newletters are still being printed and posted! Opt in for print or email can be made available instead of mass printing and sending to all! Introduce and maintain social media accounts and regularly monitor it!
  7. Conferences and Awards are the only events done on regular basis! Every LIS Association is conducting Conferences/Seminars/Workshops as if in competition with other LIS Associations in India. Sometimes the topics are rehash of every other topic that has already been conducted! Every LIS Association are awarding best faculty/librarian without giving transparency in selection process! Cronyism is being cited as being rampant in selection process! A Few are being awarded to just keep them quiet I hear and others as a barter system (you award me one now and it will be later on returned on another ocassion)!But important issues are never discussed!


There are host of issues plaguing LIS professionals- listed few below! Why are they not addressed by any LIS association?

  • Recruitment – current vacancies!
  • Salary anomalies!
  • Designations
  • Courses are not standardised!
  • Are LIS Associations having a ethics and professional conduct policy? Why is it not listed on IFLA? There was an attempt JOCLAI made – but no substantial outcome! Why?
  • Is there a complete list of LIS Departments – Teaching faculty and working professionals in India in State/Central/private/deemed universities under which stream/discipline in one place?
  • Is there a complete list of LIS Associations in India in one place?
  • Is there a complete list of LIS journals published in print and online in India and World in one place? How many are commercial/subscribed or open access or hybrid? Is there a white list or black list (predatory)?
  • There is no directory of LIS professionals – who are working, retired, without jobs etc

This time the existing ILA members and other LIS professionals who are not ILA members of ILA have finally woken up from deep slumber and have become a vocal lot! Which is a positive sign. I urge non-members reading this post to become members of national and state associations immediately and start demanding benefits of being member of the association!

LASTLY – Remember this is not a political election! Kindly respect all professionals (retired, senior and junior) and use civil and professional language while communicating on all media. Everyone has a right to put across their view – India is a democracy! Respect the view and the person even if it differs with yours! Let’s agree to disagree!!

If there is any feedback you can leave it here

Kindly note: These are my opinions and others have freedom to agree and disagree.


Achala Munigal



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