Destroying of Libraries leads to Nation Collapsing!

Came across petition

I have signed it!

Requesting all LIS professionals to sign it and forward it to others.

If you want to destroy a nation without war just stop stressing on the importance of libraries and appointing library staff to safeguard the resources for future generations; which in turn impacts the education system and effectively stops development of the nation! The more the libraries flourish…the more the nation flourishes!

Librarians of India have to unite instead of demarcating themselves under various library associations atleast now! Lend your voices to the movement. Get more representation about libraries and contribution of library staff into National Education Policy (NEP) 2019. The more you get into groupism and want to grab limelight for yourselves and your coterie the more the profession will be ignored on the national platform and we will not find representation. Try to unite and work towards professionalism and for the profession.

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